Work-Life-Dreams Balance Strategist

Corporate America can definitely suck the life out of you when you’re not being strategic and smart about your job & career. As a life & career coach, I empower hard-working employees to align their job with their life goals and dreams. I do this by coaching them back to their authentic self, creating S.M.A.R.T & D.U.M.B goals, and I provide resume writing & confident interview coaching. I make hard-working professionals look good in their heart, mind, and on paper.   I get it. You want to get out of the self-sabotaging mindsets and behaviors that cause you to shrink back into playing it safe and playing small.

As a Work-Life-Dreams Balance Strategist I provide 1:1 coaching, strategic planning, major mindset management, and ass-kicking accountability to catapult hard-working employees like you from existing in mediocrity and into working purposefully, living authentically, and dreaming actively.

I work with energetic, passionate professionals who know that their job is not what defines them and is simply a tool to serve & strengthen their skills as they build the life and dreams they truly desire. My clients do not have the “woe is me” victim mentality. They take ownership of their truths, their career, their life, and their dreams.

Schedule YOUR OWN complimentary Clarity Chat with me and you’ll walk away knowing:

One thing blocking you from getting unstuck
What you can immediately implement to start getting unstuck
How I can serve you based on your specific needs
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