Welcome to The Appreciation Breakroom!

You’re drained from meetings, difficult customers are getting on your last nerves, office gossip is killing your vibe, your to-do list doesn’t seem to be getting shorter,
isolatecoffeshoponlaptopand you’re already starting to stress out about your evening commute.

You need a break. You need to take a chill pill. You need to relax for a minute (or 15).

The Appreciation Breakroom is a place for you to come rest and recharge your mind and soul. Take a look around and feel free to indulge in what ever refreshments you like. It’s all free for you.

You will not be judged here and your secrets are safe. Enjoy everything or a few things. Come here as often as you need. This space was created to help you decompress and get centered mentally and emotionally.

When your break is over, you should feel recharged and ready to knock out the rest of your work day with energy and passion.

By the way, I’m Kandis! Thanks for chatting with me in The Appreciation Breakroom.

I’m always here and sometimes I’ll bring a friend to join me. We like to discuss tools and strategies that you can implement to make your job work for you while you maintain your own unique balance of work, life, and dreams.

Until we meet again…

Peace & Love