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They’re yours. Everything that you use to perform excellently on your job.

All the things you know how to do well in order to succeed at your job are a part of you. They’re in your head and in your heart. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Your education is yours. Your experience is yours. Your abilities are yours. Your acquired skills are yours. Your natural talents are yours. Your drive is yours. Your team mentality is yours. Your ability to multi-task is yours. They’re all yours. They go where you go. You initiate them and put them to work. That means they can go where you go, be utilized how/when you want them to be, and you get to control how hard you put them to use.

There seems to be some kind of role-play that occurs when people cross the figurative and literal doors to the workplace. They become machines. In a seemingly robotic way, they initiate the “I’m at Work” program and they begin to run confidently and smoothly. They’re dedicated, goal-oriented, and communicative of what they want and need in order to get their job done.

When the work day is over, though, there’s a switch to “I’m Not at Work” program. This program seems to exclude all of the things that we embody while running our “I’m at Work” program. We leave work and jump into other roles that sometimes serve us in the highest way, but often don’t. We’re so exhausted from “working” that we decide to take a break. But, the work that needs to be done in your personal life and with your dreams often require the same level of commitment and excellence that you give to your job.

Why are we not as committed to ourselves and our dreams as we are to our jobs?

Why do we not exert as much of ourselves in our personal life and with our dreams?

Why do we act so scared and undeserving when it comes time to work on having the life and dreams we long for?

Having coached people from different job types and lifestyles (nurses, engineers, stay-at-home moms, sales reps, customer service reps, restaurant workers, project managers, and members of the military) I am reminded that many people do not know who they are without their job. I know. That’s not profound at all, right?

It’s probably not a new discovery for you, but a lot of the people I work with don’t know who to be or how to be when they are not at work. Or they are secretly disappointed and embarrassed by the work they do and so they feel like a failure in life and want to hide from themselves.

One common denominator I’ve found with the people I’ve worked with is that when they are not truly happy and satisfied at work they find it difficult to be happy in their personal life and with their dreams. Feeling stuck and miserable at work spills over into all areas of your life.

For many professionals, the feeling of being “stuck” in life is much too common.

This stuck feeling, I believe, comes when you treat your job better than you treat yourself, when you value your job more than you value your self, and when you believe you are nothing without your job. When you’re not at work you fill your “free-time” up with distractions that keep you from evaluating the relationship you have with yourself and your dreams.

3 Ways to Combat This Stuck Feeling:

1. Understand what you bring to the table at work and bring it to the table in your personal life and with your dreams. These skills and abilities are yours and don’t only have to be used when you’re at work. You deserve your talent, too. You can accomplish big things for yourself outside of work because everything you need is inside of you.

2. Fully own and know what your relationship is with you. Are you a friend or a foe to yourself? Do you betray yourself by doing everything for everyone else and never doing what you truly want to do? Have you stopped valuing yourself because self-hate is currently a tool you’re using? Are you ignorant of the hurts, pains, stories, and programs that are operating in your sub-conscious mind?

3. Create balance in the roles you play by ensuring the “Lover and Appreciator of Me” role is being filled and performed excellently. That basically means, self-care (mental, physical, and emotional) should be a priority. Are you under-performing in this role? Once you excel here, every other role is performed to the level necessary for you to happily succeed.

You’re wanted. You’re needed. You’re desired. You’re valuable. You’re an asset.  You are all of these things when you are at work and when you are not at work.

All of the tools you have to excel on the job can be used to ensure you excel in your personal life and with your dreams.

Ask yourself, “Am I willing to commit and work as hard for myself and my dreams as I do for others?”

I’m open to scheduling a complimentary clarity chat to help you see what’s keeping you stuck because I believe in Work-Life-Dreams Balance.

You can rock a job, excel in life, and make your dreams come true.  You just have to get unstuck.