If you’re reading this and you don’t know about the mistake Steve Harvey made during the Miss Universe Pageant, then you can:

  • Stop reading this now
  • Go to Google
  • Type in Steve Harvey
  • Return to this blog post

Now that we are all aware and clear about the human mistake that the human known as Steve Harvey made let’s combine our human minds and list out some lessons we can learn as we continue our human journeys.

Lesson #1:  Contrary to popular belief, the amount of money you have in your bank account doesn’t protect you from making mistakes.  Being human automatically entitles you to messing up sometimes.

Being human means that sometimes you will make mistakes.  You won’t make them one time or two times.  If you live long enough you will make them often and it doesn’t make you less of a human.  It doesn’t make you less deserving.  It doesn’t make you less smart.

If you take ownership and don’t pass the blame, then mistakes can make you better.  Next year, when Steve is hosting the pageant again (Yes! He was asked back!  I hope he accepts!), he will do better because he knows better.  That mistake taught him a lesson & I’m sure he’s learned it.

Lesson #2:  Mistakes don’t mean you’re a failure and no one should hire you ever again.

Steve Harvey was asked back because he did his job well despite his mistake.  More importantly, he owned the mistake and didn’t place blame on anyone else.  (Some of you would’ve blamed whoever typed up that ridiculous winner announcement card.)

The people who hired you did so because they believed in you, your talent, your gifts, and your ability to provide your unique spin on how the job should be done. There is room for you to make a mistake, but you better be willing to own up to it, learn from it, and never make the mistake again.

Running away with your tail between your legs is cowardly and no one wants someone like that on their team or in their life.

Lesson #3:  People can be cruel and whether or not their words destroy you is 100% in your control.

Steve Harvey made his public apology, accepted the job again next year, and is probably hanging out on his yacht or something minding his millions while the rest of the small-minded people of the world continue to bash him and judge him like they write his checks.

Lesson #4:  Everyone will not love you.  Everyone will not hate you.  You need to love yourself and that is it.  When you know who you are and not seeking validation from people, then others’ unwillingness to accept and forgive you won’t matter.

Backlash is as an opportunity to grow stronger in you!  There is no better time to practice self-love, self-appreciation, and self-forgiveness than when you’re put into a position in which the entire world thinks you should hate yourself.  Don’t hate yourself.  Love yourself even more through the pain.

Lesson #5:  Every single chaotic, stressful situation in your life is connected to your destiny and your dreams.  It’s up to you to determine how you will rise above the situation and make it work for you.

This is what I coach my clients on.  It’s what I wrote a book about.  Don’t give up on yourself & your dreams without figuring out how to turn every painful experience into a tool to build upon your work, life, & dreams.

We all now know that Steve Harvey is fearless enough to own up to his mistakes and face the consequences.

I don’t know about you, but I believe that’s a characteristic that the entire world could benefit from if everyone could do that.