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You really want to work from home in your pjs, huh?

After spending almost 10 years working at CareerBuilder.com (Yes…people actually work there), I often get asked a ton of career related questions.  It’s great because it’s part of what I do as a life and career coach, so I’m happy to help in any way I can.

Today, while I was hanging out in a private FB group (hosted by Rosetta Thurman of Happy Black Woman) full of amazing women, I saw that someone posed a question I am often asked.  The question was, “Does anyone know of any legit work at home jobs?”

In my former life, I managed the accounts, worked with the HR teams, and helped create ads for many of the nations top companies who provide work-at-home opportunities.

So, I’m going allow this blog post to serve as the “Do you know of any legit work from home jobs” answer.  This way I can just send a link or tell people to come check out my blog.

Here are a list of legit work from home jobs that I know aren’t scams because I’ve worked with these companies in some capacity:

1. Alpine Access / SYKES
2. Alorica
3. Convergys
4. American Express
5. Concur (They don’t advertise jobs as work from home, but they often post jobs that are eligible for working remotely.)
6. Teletech
. Percepta
. CenturyLink

Also, while digging up some information to supplement what I do know, I came across a couple of amazing articles that have so much great information and tips.

The first resource, Clark Howard’s article on finding work from home jobs, is rich with information. He’s a amazing and trustworhty.  I actually met him a few years ago and he carries the energy of wanting to always serve people.  He’s always serving so much goodness.  His list of legit opportunities actually had some of the companies I used to work with.  That just proves to you that I know what I’m talking about here.  (SMILE!)  You can access his list here.  He also offers great tips on how to identify scams.

The second resource is from About.com.  There’s an article that lays out a ton of information on other work from home jobs.  You can access that here.

One thing I will tell you is, if you are being asked to pay anything upfront, don’t do it.  Keep it moving.  Very few of the legit companies might ask you to cover the cost of your background check (I believe SYKES still does), but that’s it.  Also, sometimes scammers can get jobs posted to legit job sites like INDEED, MONSTER, and CAREERBUILDER.  Just because it’s posted there doesn’t always mean it’s legit.  I know how these sites work and I would strongly encourage to use your best judgement.  If it doesn’t feel legit, it probably isn’t.  These sites sometimes take a few days or weeks before they even catch the scammers.

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When you’re searching Google for work from home jobs, make sure you’re using words like “virtual,” “remote,” or “flexible / flex,” or “home-based” jobs.  Keep an eye out for companies that are in the BPO or Business Process Outsourcing industry.

More and more companies are understanding that attracting top talent often means creating remote jobs, so don’t limit yourself to BPOs.  You can find remote opportunities for all kinds of companies…non-profits, SaaS companies, clothing designers, etc…

Also, keep in mind that a lot of companies offer more than just work from home customer service jobs.  You can look for admin support, sales, and account management jobs, too.

I wish you well with your job hunt.

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