1000 followers contest - Peace


When I started on my journey of leaving a very good paying job to do what felt right in my soul…to work for myself, create a brand, write a book, and help people in a way that I knew I could…I was so scared.

I’m happy I faced my fears.  I love what I’m doing, I’m happy, and I’m grateful.

I’ve reached a milestone of having 1,000 Instagram friends (“followers” just doesn’t vibe well with me) and I’m CELEBRATING!

If you’re connected to me because:
  • My #WorkLifeDreamsBalance mission resonates with you…
  • We’re family / friends and you believe in and support what I’m doing…
  • You’re a customer of mine and you want to continue support me…

…I am SO VERY APPRECIATIVE of you!  Thank you!

As a life & career coach, I often hear people talk about their accomplishments as if their accomplishments are NOTHING.  I’ve spoken to amazing professionals who have done some pretty epic stuff and reached goals that no one thought they’d reach.  It’s mind-boggling, though, how so many downplay and discount some amazing accomplishments.
If it’s something you’ve set out to accomplish, worked hard to accomplish, and are proud of yourself for having accomplished, THEN GO CELEBRATE IT & CELEBRATE YOURSELF!

Bask in your own EPICNESS!  (OOH! That sounds and feels good, huh?)

 Every single time you reach one of your goals, GO CELEBRATE YOUR WIN and use that energy to push yourself towards the next goal.  THAT energy is full of self-belief, confidence, and no self-doubt.  That energy will have you convinced that you can take over the entire galaxy…USE THAT WINNING ENERGY TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!
I am celebrating myself, my supporters, my customers, my business, my work, my life, and my dreams by giving back in a way that makes sense to me…a CONTEST!

My mission is simple: equip hard-working employees with the tools to work purposefully, live authentically, and dream actively.

If you’re going to work a job, then it should align with your life goals and dreams, right?

And you can’t wait until retirement to start working on your dreams, right?  Of course I’m right!  (I’m a Capricorn!)

If you’re interested in working with me, a Life & Career Coach, who is pretty “tell it like it is” with a Cat Woman flare, then you might want to enter this contest.

I’m giving away 3 prizes valued at over $800.

This is my way of showing gratitude and still serving people in a way that aligns with my own work, life, and dreams.
To learn more about the contest: www.kandiswebb.com/contest
If you decide to enter, I wish you luck!  If we end up working together, I’m soooooo going to hold you accountable for creating and rocking your #WorkLifeDreamsBalance.  Be ready!

Share the contest details on Facebook if you know some of your Facebook friends / family could afford to take a chance at winning.