Crickets sound great in the stillness of the night, but not during your job search, right?

Are you hearing crickets after applying to a job or after your think you’ve rocked an interview?

I’ve heard from a lot of my clients, family, and friends that the crickets seem to be chirping much longer than they expected.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE (immediately thought of Michael Jackson’s song).

Here are a few reasons you’re hearing crickets and a few actions you can take while waiting for the crickets to go away…
Possible reasons you’re hearing crickets:
1. The decision to fill the role hasn’t been 100% made.  They’re still trying to make a business case for the role or see if they can operate without filling the role (saving them $$$) or a possible reorganization is being considered.  Basically, your potential manager is waiting on executive buy-in.
2. The end of the year is jam-packed with reaching departmental and business goals and filling the role isn’t priority.
3.  The recruiters are filling the pipeline (or bucket) with potential candidates who have already been screened.  They’ll reach out when the green light has been given get the position filled.
4.  Job growth has slowed down over the last 12 months and the rate at which jobs are being created and filled has slowed.  NPR ARTICLE
5.  You didn’t follow up and somebody got your job.  Not to sound too discouraging, but this could be a legit reason.

Actions you can take while waiting for the crickets to go away:

1.  Don’t automatically assume it’s because you’re not the best candidate.  Do not allow the crickets to discourage you or discount your worth!  Don’t take it personal.
2.  Keep applying elsewhere.  Your priority is you.  Your loyalty is with you. Do what you need for you to succeed in getting a job you’ll love. Don’t get so attached to a job that you haven’t been offered that you place all your $$$ on this one role.

3.  Take some time to network with past co-workers, family, and friends and see if they know of any opportunities they can refer you too.

4.  Re-asses your job search / application strategy and make sure your resume and cover letter match the jobs you’re applying to.  Diversify how you’re applying to and being seen for opportunities.  Also, make sure you’re not OVER or UNDER applying to jobs.

5.  Follow up with recruiters and hiring managers to find out the status of your application. Send thank you emails after your interview and check in 3-5 days after your interview if you’ve heard nothing.  If someone referred you, check in with them and have them ping the recruiter / hiring manager.

No matter what, stay focused on your goal.  Finding a good job isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it’s doable.

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