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Work-Life-Dreams Balance Strategist

That’s secret code for: Life and career coach who refuses to let you play small when you know just how freakin’ amazing you really are!

That’s how I roll now, but that hasn’t always been the case.

The highlights of my journey (thus far):

  • I was born. (I bet we have that in common, huh?)
  • Lived a pretty amazing childhood
  • Lived in Europe (military brat! YAY!)
  • Started my own companies before I was 12. One was a cleaning company and the other a military uniform ironing service.
  • I have worked jobs since I was 10 years old; so I’m kind of obsessed with all things work related.
  • Overcompensated for my feelings of unworthiness, guilt, and shame by excelling in school and being a hard worker.  I was freshman class president, honor roll student, inducted into the Who’s Who Among American High School Students and Nominated for Who’s Who Among American College Students.
  • I didn’t get inducted into Who’s Who Among American College Students because I didn’t participate in enough college activities (felt like a super loser).  I worked full-time at a bank and went to school full-time. I was always busy (never slept) being amazing at becoming a hard-working professional.
  • Had an anxiety attack before work one day and my doctor told me if I didn’t slow down my heart would explode.  I was in my twenties.
  • Graduated from Clayton State University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication & Media Studies (first of my generation) and got the dream job I wanted at CareerBuilder.com (Yes, people work there.)
  • In less than 9 months, I mastered my entry-level job and grew the balls to start my sales career selling job ads during a freakin’ recession.  (WTF! I rocked it, though thanks to great leaders who helped me be great!)
  • I made a lot of money in sales, won international trips, and gained a ton of recruiting experience working with companies like Starbucks, Amazon, Expedia, etc.
  • I got burned out in my sales job and I decided to take a job that would allow me to travel less and not stress so much.  (That turned out to be a nightmare and I ended up writing a book about that experience because it is what catapulted me into being the amazing Work-Life-Dreams Balance Strategist that I am now.)
  • Started following life and career coaches and doing self-work, hanging out with spiritual guides, and detoxing from all the roles I was playing to make people like me (and not reject me)
  • Fell in love and had a baby goddess with the most perfect man (there’s no such thing as a perfect man or woman)
  • Began to lose sleep over my dreams of launching a company that truly empowers employees
  • Hired two amazing coaches who helped me realize I could make my dream my full-time job
  • Was halted by some major roadblocks that caused me to take inventory of the people in my life and who I was being
  • Crawled under a rock, spent 2 months facing all of my shit and figuring out my WHYs & HOWs, and removing mental and emotional blocks that were blocking my light and genius
  • Realigned my authentic self with what I wanted in my life
  • Got certified as a coach, became a published author, and now I’m talking to you!
  • You can check me out on LinkedIn if you need more credentials.

I’m a visionary. An entrepreneur.  A dreamer. Doer.  Rule breaker. A catalyst of change.  Coffee drinker.  Wine guzzler. Nature lover.  Tree stalker.  Life coach. Career coach.  The cheerleader for change and transformation of hardworking employees who are refusing to let their dreams die for the sake of a job.  I am the girl you don’t want to play TRUTH OR DARE with because I WILL WIN.  I’ll win at CONNECT FOUR and WORDS WITH FRIENDS, too.

Coaching people has been a natural gift for me since before I can remember.  I was on the playground coaching kids on how to not fear the slide.

I was born to do what I am doing and born to do what I will be doing.  Simple. So were you!

I like high fives.  I do not like handshakes, but I love a good milkshake.

My journey towards my own Work-Life-Dreams Balance came after a crisis in my career, my relationship with the most perfect man, and myself – my soul was dying.  I had what looked like a successful life to everyone else, but I was operating and existing outside of my zone of excellence, passion, and purpose.  I was fake happy.  Not real happy.

It took a couple of months to own and accept my truth.

I was allowing guilt and shame to keep me trapped in a box.  I was betraying myself by not being the Kandis I am destined to be. I was hiding; not showing up as the greatest version of myself.

I was afraid of failing and what others might say about me.  (SUCH A WASTE OF LIFE!)

I’m a problem solver.  I can get kicked down, but I bounce right back ready to take life on over and over again.  It’s who I am.

I’m the eternal optimist.  There’s an answer to every solution.  There’s a path to where ever I want to go.

The same is true for you!  There’s a path to wherever you want to go.

As a Work-Life-Dreams Balance Strategist I provide professionalls a place to unload, be vulnerable, find blocks that cause self-sabotage, create new paths & truths, and go where they’ve been fearing to go in their work, life, and dreams.

My services range from helping my clients through job loss and career changes, to releasing the limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck and stagnant personally and professionally, coaching them through launching their dreams (starting a business, changing jobs, writing a book, showing up in relationships more assertively, etc…), to creating Work-Life-Dreams Balance.

The mission, though, is to empower hard-working employees to be who they truly are, confidently go after what they truly desire, and be unapologetic about every single piece of their journey.

That’s what it took for me to find my own unique Work-Life-Dreams Balance.

Is now your time or will you avoid your Work-Life-Dreams Balance for a few more years?